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This is a basic list of features. I thought it would be handy to have a quick reference with links.

If you see a feature missing, you can add to this list! This post is a wiki, so you don’t need to comment your suggested change - you can just edit this post directly. There should be a little Edit button in the lower right corner. If you don’t see an Edit button and you would like to make changes, please send me a direct message and I can take a look and adjust your forum account settings.

This list should be succinct and not go into extremely fine detail. As such, for example, I am intentionally avoiding pointing out differences between the website and apps, as well as excluding Seek and this forum. (A simplified table or list of differences between platforms might be cool to have, but let’s avoid that here for now. Thanks!)

Δ = curators & staff only

See also Ways to help out on iNat - wiki!


I hadn’t heard about atlases or trips. Good to know.
Are they listed on a menu somewhere? I can’t see them…

No, you need to type in urls.

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Atlases are linked on taxon pages (Curation menu) and in the Curator Guide.

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It seems like such a table would be very useful, especially for avoiding misunderstandings.

Perhaps take your list and add a couple columns for the platforms; then add dots in the columns to show what platforms have that feature?

I included that note about the scope of this topic because there isn’t enough space on forum posts to create a comparison table with the level of detail I would like to provide here (at least not in a succinct and visually appealing way), although others are of course free to separately develop a table like that from the information in this wiki.

Edit: I slightly revised and moved the scope of the topic to the top to help make that clearer. Thanks for the feedback!

Would the identotron be a feature that should be listed? Perhaps I missed the identotron in the list?

The only way I know to open the identotron is to right click on a Compare button in an identification and choose “Open in a new tab.” Is there another more obvious way to launch this feature?

[Edit] I would add this to the feature list, but I do not know what would be an appropriate base or generic URL. Access seems to require feeding the identotron an observation, taxon, and place. I also do not know if the identotron is considered a deprecated/abandoned feature that may disappear in the future. The computer vision appears to have supplanted the role the identotron once played.


I got a welcome as a wiki editor (thank you!).

Yet, someone undid my edit.

I clarified that sounds can only be added by using the in-app editor on iOS . But, some one removed that.

Perhaps they do not realize how frustrating it is for a user to try to find a function in iOS that does not exist. Especially when everyone is telling them it ~does~ exist.

I will try again! :slightly_smiling_face:

You can see everyone’s edits in the edit history in the top right of a wiki post. I removed the note about iOS for the reasons I mentioned above. Again please do feel empowered to start your own list of differences. I would like this list of features to be as succinct as possible. Thanks!

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Respectfully, in such cases, too succinct becomes inaccurate and confusing for iOS users.

Doesn’t the term wiki imply the aspiration of completeness?

I am also learning to check if a newbie is on an app - that - I must comment because they don’t get a private message. We all need to know that.


Can you add some project related features?
I can’t decide which features need to be on this list.
Traditional project has some noteworthy features though.

Here’s some silly questions but i’m wondering.
Are identifications and annotations part of observation? In my opinion, they are different because need some expertise to add them. But if so they considered to be part of observation, i think computer vision suggestion should be under “Add identification to”, not on separate list.
And how about identotron? Should be under “add identification to” right?

And on create taxa sublist
Is taxon range map differs from atlas?

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I moved IDs to a top level bulletpoint and rearranged a few things. I also trimmed down ones about editing content since most stuff on iNat can be edited.

Taxon range maps are different from atlases (see this doc for more detail).

For “Assign taxon concept status” are you referring to “taxon schemes”? Or taxon framework relationships? I think taxon schemes are now only relevant for linking GBIF observations to taxon map, but I’m not 100% sure.

Add obs to projects

belongs not with projects, but up top with Create obs.

For “Assign taxon concept status”, i refer to the taxon active status. It’s one of the option when creating taxa, usually useful when creating concept taxa.

How about licensing? Is considered a feature?

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