List of taxon changes


Is there a list of taxon changes in chronological order somewhere?

I like to annotate my field guides and it would be helpful to see changes after a certain date.

I’m asking here because it feels like something that could exist but that I haven’t found yet.

Thank you ?


My guess is probably not. An individual field guide might possibly post a list of updated names when they publish a new version. For a group like plants, though (which is the group I know), there’s not just one authority that decides which names should be used, so there’s not really a start date on a name. As long as people follow the naming rules when they publish, their names are correct, and whether or not they are used is often a matter of individual preference. One group of botanists may say “Plant X is Species X” while another says “Plant X is a variety of Species X”. So, one field guide might use the species and another might use the variety. There’s not a single authority that decides who’s right or wrong. iNaturalist uses whatever Kew’s Plants of the World Online decides is the current name, but Kew can’t force anyone to follow them. Botanists elsewhere who disagree may continue to use other names.

Thanks. Exactly what I was hoping for.

Index Fungorum and Mycobank have name synonymies - though dating/ordering them based on those may be a toss up.

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