Listing added new taxa

It is possible to get a list of the new taxa that I have added to iNaturalist? or failing that a count. I can’t find a way of doing this.




I don’t know of a way to do this, but I would certainly vote for this as a #feature-requests if it doesn’t already exist.


This would be good, or better yet to have a way to view all taxon changes by a curator/user, such as from their profile or the “people of iNaturalist” page.

Staff can see this but I don’t think anyone else can. But that would mean it’s recorded somewhere and could possibly be implemented.

This is possible, but only for changes added, not changes committed (which I find more helpful).[user_id=1772002

Thanks @thomaseverest. This shows swaps, splits, merges etc. which is good - but not quite what I am looking for. I am looking for New Taxa added (Created).

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