New curator and first taxonomic changes

Dear Inaturatlis curators,
I was just granted curatorial status and thought it was a good idea to say hello here in the curators’s forum. By the way, I had the curiosity to know how many curators are there in Inaturalist…
I was trying to make my first curatorial action with an apparently simple taxonomic swap of a synonym name (subspecies level) that is still active in Inaturalist to the currently accepted name (species level) according to Inaturalist taxonomic authority for that group (POWO in plants).
I read the curators´ guide carefully and think that I have made everything right, but I´m afraid to commit the change before making sure. Probably new curators need assistance to walk their first steps here…
This is the taxon swap:
I am not sure about how to manage the “relationship” item. I would appreciate any feedback on this issue.
With thanks and best wishes.


Welcome to the forum, and thanks for helping out with our curation! We’re developing an updated version of the curator guide, so that may be able to answer some questions, especially about taxon framework relationships. Aside from needing the TFR, your swap looks good to me!

You can see a list of curators here:


Since when is this a thing?? :o

Not long. The first public announcement I know of was last week.

just noting that while this shows a lot of (most?) curators, it doesn’t show all of them, so this link doesn’t directly address the question of

Yes, I suppose counting all the people at any given time would (probably?) not include everyone.

yeah, I still constantly disappear from that list a few times a week

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