Live Seafood as Observations?

Let’s say I bought wild-harvested oysters, with the exact location and date provided. Would I be able to post research grade observations of those? Or what about the hitchhiking barnacles and mussels that may come along on them?

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Yes, if you know the date and location, you could post a verifiable observation. If you do so, I strongly suggest using notes and comments to make it clear exactly what you are doing.


Yes, I think this is possible, but a bit against the spirit of iNat - observations are supposed to be your interaction with some natural organism, but you did not encounter it in the location where it was caught, but at the market. The observation would really be of the unknown fisherperson’s encounter with the oyster.

So it’s probably ok to do this rarely, but I wouldn’t recommend making many of these.

On the other hand, if you’re harvesting oysters yourself, go nuts!


Thank you for your input! I posted only a small amount of observations:


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