Relocating a Wasp Nest

G’day Everyone!

Reccently my dad and I discovered a small Australian Paper Wasp nest being build on our lemon tree. The nest is quite small and is attached to a leaf, with only 6-7 wasps present. We wanted to relocate the nest instead of destroying it and were wondering if anyone had any advice on doing this? If we detach the nest from the leaf and relocate it to a new area will they abandon the old nest and leave the existing larvae or stay with the old nest?


I am by no means an expert on this kind of thing, but what I would do is to very gently cut the whole branch or large twig off, and very gently and slowly carry the branch over to where you think it will not be a nuisance to you (hopefully not too far distant), then try to gently stick the branch into a bush or tree so it seems fairly well anchored, if necessary gently tie it in place, then go away.

Perhaos other people will have better suggestions,

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My suggestion is similar to Susan’s, but I was thinking just the leaf. Definitely do not move it far or they not be able to find it again.

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