Loading .mov observation

How do I load observation… I have a .mov file (that contains sound and image?


I don’t think .mov is an accepted file format on iNaturalist as that is a movie format and iNat does not accept movies for uploads. You would have to convert your file into separate image file(s), e.g. in .jpg format, and sound file(s), e.g. .wav or .mp3 format. If you want to show the movie, I believe you can upload .mov files to YouTube and add a description or comment to your observation with a link to the YouTube video.


Yeah unfortunately iNat does not yet support video files. A good workaround is what @annkatrinrose suggested - upload it to an external site and put a link to the video in the description. Another good workaround that I tend to use is to separate out the audio and video, and then upload the audio as-is and upload the video as a gif (which iNat does support). That only really works well if the audio and video don’t need to be in sync though, so it’s not great for all purposes

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If I capture something on video, I take screenshots from the video and upload those. If sound is important then I will play the video out loud and record that audio on the iNaturalist app. I haven’t done that that many times but it’s always worked when I do. I have a lot of stuff I want to go through and upload, utilizing that method.

The only problem is the sound isn’t as crisp as it would be directly from the original audio but it’s a good workaround, similarly to what’s been suggested thus far. It gets the job done.

I prefer my method because uploading things to Youtube or anything like that exceeds my patience and comprehension…

We don’t officially support animated GIFs, and it’s probable that we’ll eventually just convert all images into jpegs for technical reasons. So I’d keep that in mind.

As for sounds we support .mp3, .m4a, .wav.

Thanks all for your input. I will do as suggested by @annkatrinrose and supported by your comments


If you put the video through a conversion app, you can select the output as a supported sound file (I usually use mp3) and you’ll get just the audio. You can upload that, and it will have the same sound quality as the original.

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I could definitely manage that. Thanks!

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