RFI camera video to sound-only for iNaturalist submission compatibility

Hello I have just began taking photos with a new Canon camara. I have taken some short video (about 15 seconds) of frog calls and an Ash-throated Rail in the Brazilian Atlantic forest. I tried to submit them to iNaturalist, however it appears in order for them to be accepted as sound recordings, I need to convert the video to MP3 file. Hopefully I got that right, and here’s a request if anyone knows how to do this. Thank you in advance, Charles A., Pernambuco, Brazil.

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Google online video converter or converter of mov to mp3.


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I find this site very useful: https://cloudconvert.com/mov-to-m4a

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Audacity is an excellent sound editing program. Free download, and it will convert most video files to MP3 or WAV.


I’m assuming the video was a convenient way of recording the sound and doesn’t show the organism in this case. If you do take videos which show the organism it is possible to upload video to iNat but (currently) only as a gif. There is an Animated observations project for collecting these.


Is the “go to” for any file conversions.
It’s all online, no software needed.

If your video file is too large (or your upload speed too slow) you might want to download Handbrake to reduce the file size.


Thank you @thebeachcomber . I was able to use your recommendation to convert the files. I was also able to receive an ID for one of the frog calls. Thank you again.

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Duly noted and will use for further conversions. Thank you @armandoare.

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