Local national monument not showing up in Location search?

Hi all - when I try to limit a search to observations within the Carrizo Plain National Monument in California, it doesn’t seem to “find” that locaton or have a polygon that delimits the monument? Or is the search just not working today for some reason? Thanks! Ken

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I’m seeing it without issues. https://www.inaturalist.org/observations?place_id=146031&subview=map

That works but you can also see much more of the data by searching for Carrizo Plain by place:


This is odd - when I go to “explore” and type in Carrizo in the Location Window, it still doesn’t pull up the national monument as a location. I’m attaching a screenshot.
Screenshot 2023-12-11 063232

I noticed that places don’t always populate the Location search box. For example, when I search Badlands National Park in Location it comes up with a square rather than the Park boundaries.

However, I can look at the Places of Interest on the map and BNP is clearly there as a Standard Place. And when you click on it, the park boundaries load.

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I agree that it doesn’t work as a location. I gave up on that and just searched for it using the place box and that’s what I sent in my last response. There seem to be quite a few locations that you can’t find in location but can find in place.

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Thanks all! When I look for Carrizo Plain in the Place box, it comes up with about 4-5 “places” with that name - each of which have somewhat different numbers of observations (ranging from about 700-1100)! Did multiple folks draw different polygons?

Also, what does “embed place widget” do?

Screenshot 2023-12-11 102751

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Yes, if you go to the place page and scroll down you can see who created the place (if their account has not been deleted). Looks like some were imported by iNat a long time ago, when they say “Source: Merced County GIS Information Portal”

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I find Explore often fails to pull up places, whereas I have better luck on the Identity page. Sometimes I get the place ID out of the Identity URL and move it to the Explore URL.

Identify only uses iNaturalist places, it doesn’t draw from Google Maps.


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