Local Park Boundary Maps - Getting the Minutiae right!

So there are numerous interlocked errors in the park boundaries for two of the (admittedly distant, vast, and obscure) county parks in San Mateo county. However, there are numerous BioBlitzes, projects, and county-wide data based in these parks, so I would like to see these errors corrected. This concerns the boundary between Sam McDonald County park and Pescadero Creek County Park. I have the relevant screen shots and conversations, as well as (most importantly, I suppose) the correct boundaries in easy-to-describe terms. However, I’d like to know two things about this process. First, are such errors generated from Google maps (or some other universal mapping program) or from iNat itself? Second, what is the most efficient way to get such details into the hands of the right person/people at iNaturalist? Thanks, as always, for all you do to make life, and the documentation of life, better. - Jennifer (a.k.a. gyrrlfalcon)


Neither of those two places list who added them to iNat, so I suspect it was part of some larger import done by the iNat staff themselves.

There isn’t a way to flag places for curation and this is a part of the site that needs some improvement. But, any curator can edit places (excluding the “standard” places like countries, states, and counties). So, if you can provide a willing curator a KML file, they can upload it and replace the old boundary with the new one. More about places here: https://www.inaturalist.org/pages/curator+guide#places

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Hey Jennifer,

If you can get County Parks to give us kmls of the correct boundaries, I’m happy to fix this in iNat since I’m a curator.

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Just a note, be careful that actual boundaries (legal) and apparent boundaries (fences etc) might not match up! I can recall being sent by council to repair a bridge that turned out to be on private property, and all because a gate had been shifted some time ago it found its way into the inspection list.

Thanks! :heartpulse:

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