Locality notes doesn't match the map location

Description of problem (please provide a set of steps we can use to replicate the issue, and make as many as you need.):

Step 1: Location came up as Denali AK

Step 2: Should be Trumbull County, OH

Step 3: I used a pinned location that I use regularly. How to fix??

based on the information provided here, i don’t think i see a bug. the location is represented as coordinates and a text description. the system does not force the coordinates and text description to match. so it’s possible to set the text to anything you want. this means you can fix the problem by editing the observation and setting the text to whatever you like (while leaving the coordinates alone).

You mentioned using a pinned location. On the observation upload screen there is a section called Locality Notes. If that says Denali, you can change it to say whatever you want.

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When I click on edit the observation I don’t see a pathway to editing the locality name, just the ID of the subject. Why is this not a bug if when I used a pinned location I have selected many times and it is named “Trumbull County, Ohio”, but this one time it says “Denali Alaska” ? The Ohio Odonata Survey people have asked me to fix this observation so they can use it but I can’t see how to change the text. Could you explain the steps in more detail?

I checked my pinned locations and locality notes. It is named correctly. I have used this location numerous times and it is always labeled “Trumbull County Ohio” but this one time it somehow says Denali Alaska. I cannot find where to change this when I use the edit observation option. More details on how to do this would be helpful.

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On the “edit observation” page, that same field is right under “Where were you?”


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