Redwoods Nat'l Park observations not showing up

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I’ve got quite a few observations from Redwoods National Park (e.g. When I navigate to ‘your observations’ using the option at the top of the homepage after logging in, however, the map view does not show any of these observations (see first screenshot). All of my observations from other locations do show up, so it appears to be peculiar to observations from this locality. The observations do show up under ‘your observations’ on the grid view, and if I click on the observation, they do show up on the minimap (see second screenshot).

The radius of the location’s accuracy circle is very large, over 64 km:

If you make the location more precise, it should show up on the Explore page for Your Observations.


Thank you, that makes sense. What is the limit of the radius for it to show up as a point on the observations map? Redwoods Nat’l Park is a big area, and I took photos all over and over the course of several different trips. I may be able to refine the locations a little better for some of them, but not all.

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Roughly, the radius can’t larger than an obscuration cell, which is 0.2 x 0.2 degrees.