Newly created place does not show any of the existing observations

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Step 1: I created the 13th July the new place “Vallon d’Estrémère”, a zone without any observations.

Step 2: I added yesterday and today 20 observations to this place, but none of them show up

Step 3:

can you provide some links to observations that you expect to show in the place, but currently are not

Did you create a place or a tag (or both)? You can see your 20 observations with the tag (French: étiquette) Vallon d’Estrémère here:’Estrémère&search_on=tags (PS encore un beau coin des Pyrénées :-) )

I first created a place, and then I added the tag “Vallon d’Estrémère” to each of the 20 observations.
PS: C’est en effet un superbe endroit, complètement sauvage.

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the accuracy value associated with your locations is far too large, and breaks the boundaries of your place

take your place, and imagine a rectangle around it that touches the most extreme points. If the accuracy circle for an observation breaks the edges of that rectangle, it won’t count as in the place. You need to reduce that location uncertainty


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OK, thank you, I wrongly thought that the location of the center of the circle was the determinant factor.

it is typically, but then the circle is the secondary determinant

Yup this is my least favorite part of “places” is that darn uncertainty circle. People submitting on phones or just new to iNat have their obs excluded and it’s quite difficult to explain how to fix the problem to people not familiar with the site. Explaining what a “radius of uncertainty” to someone who is not aware there is even a circle is tough. I always thought that the center of the observation circle should be used to attach it to projects, and the circle is for security or obscuring the exact location of the organism. Many rare species get removed from projects from this mechanic and there is no way to force them into a collection project (rare species are often high priorities to detect on projects!). The old school projects allow you to manually add them.

An annoying part of some projects is the default centroid for that place is at the edge of the park and MANY observations get cut off. I had to add a whole second polygon near the park edge that wasn’t in the park to try and accommodate the default circle for that park when searched on iNat. This could be a problem if there are private residences or other parks on the outskirts that are suddenly part of your project when they aren’t on the property at all!