Location of an observation from a project member who has trusted the project is still obscured

These are two observations for the same species and observed by the same member of our project.
The species has taxon geoprivacy
The first I can see the true location of but the second I cannot even though both are in our project. I thought that the way that the traditional project worked as far as taxon geoprivacy was that if a member trusted the project I should be able to see true locations/private lat-longs for all of their observations and if they hadn’t I shouldn’t, but it appears that I misunderstood something. If anyone can explain what I’m missing, I’d appreciate it.

So is this a bug that I should report?

is it possible that the user in question ticked the option to only trust the project with hidden coordinates if they added that observation to the project themselves, and then for those two observations, one of them (the still-obscured-to-you one) was not added by them to the project, but by another user

Is this the project you are referring to?:

When diagnosing potential issues with projects, it often helps to be able to see the specific project being referenced.

I’m not 100% sure, but I think one potential issue might be if the observer trusted the project when they add observations to it (but not others) and one of the observations was added by them, but one was added by someone else to the project? I don’t know if this is correct or not, but I checked the json for the observations and it does look to me like the first observation was added by the observer and the second observation was added to the project by you. This would match that hypothesis at least.

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That seems likely and I’ll have to test; thank you!

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Yes, sorry I didn’t give more detail and I think that what you and @thebeachcomber have said have given me the answer and will test tomorrow to make sure and report back; thank you!

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