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Is there a way to make the location pins on the maps larger? Even when I zoom into an area the pins are tiny. They’re difficult to hit. My cursor is a hand for moving the map around and getting it in the right place to turn it into a pointer to make the pin show the observation is frustrating.


That will be at least in part a function of the browser. I find with Firefox that I get slightly better results with difficult click points if I move the mouse pointer to the top of the pin, not the sharp point

you’d have to just increase your browser zoom or system zoom, which would make everything bigger.

under the hood, the pins are visualized and delivered separately from the areas that you have to click. sometimes, there’s a lag between the the pins being displayed on that map and the clickable areas becoming available. also, the clickable areas are approximations of the shapes of the pins. so not every pixel of the pin and the corresponding clickable area will line up exactly.

i guess what i’m saying is that your inability to click on the pins may not necessarily be due to their small size. you may just have to move the mouse around the general area of the pin image a bit before you land on the right spot to click.

When I zoom in, the size of the pin gets even smaller. It feels as if there is ‘one strategic pixel’ which is willing to react and click.

from https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/the-selection-areas-for-a-lot-of-things-are-too-small-or-misaligned/9155

Zooming in - I tried that several times. But as Diana said the pins either stay the same or maybe get smaller.

Also, I move my mouse all the way around the pin as well as over it. Suddenly I’ll get an arrow to click on but I’m moving too fast and passed it. Sigh.

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How long is the lag? I’m willing to wait a few seconds - but maybe not 30!

I’m using Chrome - but I can certainly try Firefox. I do move the hand all around - on, above, below and to the sides of the pin.

you need to increase the zoom of the browser (or your OS), not simply zoom into the map. when you increase the zoom of the browser, everything on the page should increase in size.

browser at 100% zoom:

browser at 200% zoom:

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I tried at 200%.
I have to hit exactly on the right hand line of the red square.

as noted above, the clickable area is an approximation of the actual marker image. in the case of the square cells in the grid style map, this is particularly noticeable, but i don’t think the staff are interested in addressing the problem (or at least haven’t prioritized it): https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/open-test-of-map-tile-improvements/7833/88.

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@skg13 put in a feature request.
pisum’s link was closed in Feb 2020.

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