Location recorded right but shown wrong under the map

the observation https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/193113488
is recorded right for France in St Louis but under the map it is shown as a site in Tunisie.
Can that be fixed?

the location description is just text and can be edited to display whatever you like.

there’s no bug here.


The text description of the location is editable independent of the pin. It seems the map pin is showing in the correct place. You can just edit the observation and delete the text description of the location or change it to whatever you wish.


I think the original poster says that the pin is in the wrong place. This can happen if the app’s GPS was glitching when the photo was taken. You can “edit” and then put the pin in the correct place if it’s not right.

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Thanks, that explains it

But it is disconcerting that there is NO logical connection between the map location pin and the text in the location box. If you click location details, that is recorded with the map pin in Alsace in a nature reserve.