Location (text) not updated after fixing the location (map)

Back in my hotel in Saint-Denis, I took pictures of an insect that was in the seeds I collected from an Abutilon in Saint-Gilles.

The location recorded by the GPS is Saint-Denis, but the seeds containing the observed insect are from Saint-Gilles. So, I had to fix manually the location of my observation: this insect is actually from Saint-Gilles.

After fixing the location, a misleading “Saint-Denis” location is displayed, while the map correctly shows “Saint-Gilles” as fixed.

The location (text) should be updated automatically after a manual fix of the location.


I’m not sure it can be automatically updated like you’re requesting, since that text field can be manually modified to be used for anything, whether that’s the city name, or “near my house, on a tree”.

If it is a text field that can be manually edited, adding a boolean in the database to register if the text has already been modified manually in the past would allow to update automatically the location textual description only when relevant (in most cases).