Looking for Ottawa iNaturalist users

The Friends of Hampton Park and the Friends of Carlington Hill, two stewardship groups in west Ottawa, are looking for local iNaturalist users who would be comfortable sharing their knowledge with community members this coming spring, summer and fall. We want to hold a series of workshops for residents to learn more about iNaturalist and how they can use it to help build local bioinventories. The workshops will be held in community centres and in two public parks (Hampton and Carlington Parks). Please email Sharon at urbanweedeater@gmail.com if you’re interested in more details.


I know that there are some moth collectors in and around Ottawa. To get their names just search Noctuidae, Ottawa Canada. I can’t remember offhand who lives where, but there are a number of collectors/identifiers in that area.I do know that they are not really found on this discussion page, so contacting them via messaging may be the best plan.

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Hello @dasbod and welcome to the forum!

This may seem a little forward, but a good option is to check the list of highest-ranked Observers in Ottowa. When I do this, I check each person to see if they actually live in the area (vs were a visitor), and whether they seem to be involved with the community to some degree. Then I send an iNat message to anyone who passes those criteria.


Thanks for the idea!

Great idea. I’m reasonably new to iNaturalist so any suggestions are more than welcome.

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