Looking to ID things that might be incorrectly marked as research grade!

I would like to try and correctly ID a species that is commonly misidentified, and even gets verified as such. Is there a way to search for observations that have one or more ID’s of a certain taxon? For example, it would show up in the search results even if someone else disagreed with it, changing the community taxon.


I think if you change in the URL the parameter taxon_id= to ident_taxon_id= it should do the job


That’s the way i am searching for potentially misidentified observations, just filling in the phrase “ident_” into the URL


Similarly I have just realised I’ve been misidentifying a particular organisms for others. How do I search for my own ID for others of a particular organism to get to the entries to correct it?
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Just add the number of the taxon ID to the end of this URL. To get the ID you go to the taxon page and it should be in the address along with the name

https://www.inaturalist.org/taxa/1089758-Chauliognathus-missionum example, so ID is 1089758


Can you please share an example URL?

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You may want to check topics about urls. https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/how-to-use-inaturalists-search-urls-wiki-part-1-of-2/63


Didn’t seem to work.

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@smathichong @silhouetta Welcome to the Forum!

I work with a number of species that are confusing to ID. I may use the information as well!
A question to those who have provided information. If you enter the species ID number, it still means sorting through possibly pages to confirm/change (i.e. https://inaturalist.ca/observations/identify?taxon_id=81687). Is this what you meant?

114270589 is not a valid taxon id number

as an example, 7998 is genus Corvus, so https://www.inaturalist.org/identifications?user_id=smathichong&taxon_id=7998 gives you your IDs in genus Corvus

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just try and id any New Zealand cicada… ohhh so many of them are wrong!

Try IDing some of these species:



Try this:https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/identify?quality_grade=needs_id%2Cresearch%2Ccasual&verifiable=true&ident_user_id=smathichong&ident_taxon_id=47163&place_id=any
Replace the “47163” with the taxon ident number of whatever species you were wanting to select, you can find it by going to the taxon page of that species and looking for the number in the URL.

Click “your observations”, then put whatever you’re searching for in the “species” bar.

No, that gets your observations of the species. Smathi is looking for

which is different. @smathichong I recommend using https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/identify?place_id=any&ident_user_id=smathichong&ident_taxon_id=xxx&verifiable=any where xxx is the numerical taxon ID of the organism you want to check. It’s not perfect, since it will show observations that have an ID by you and have an ID of the organism rather than observations that have an ID by you of the organism, but it should be right most of the time. The easiest way to get the numerical ID is to use either Explore or Identify to search for a species, then look at the URL to find taxon_id=xxx. Then copy and paste the number into the URL I gave.


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