Luxembourg - iNaturalist World Tour

We’re featuring on Luxembourg on the World Tour today.

Here’s the GADM Level 1 and Level 2 places we’re using. Thoughts on these places?

What else can we do make iNaturalist better in Luxembourg?

With a small country like Luxembourg you can clearly see how (un-)precise these shapes are. When we would use these on a national level we would definitely loose a lot of information.

When I first started using iNaturalist I already ran into this problem as soon as I did searches on the country Luxembourg ( While the shapefile used is quite precise on the eastern (German) border it is quite unprecipice on the borders with all other countries. At that point I simply uploaded my own, more accurate place, so I had something to work with:
I also took the time and uploaded all our communes as places, which were missing at that point (ex.

When using the iNaturalist data we now even tend to use a place that also includes the border regions (, being so small we cant afford stopping exactly at the border when talking about biodiversity .

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