Switzerland - iNaturalist World Tour

We’re featuring on Switzerland on the World Tour today.

Here’s the GADM Level 1 and Level 2 places we’re using. Thoughts on these places?

What can we do to get more people using iNaturalist in Switzerland?

Hi loarie,
thanks for the tour !
It seems that Geneva is not included in Switzerland places. Canton of Geneva should be in Level 1/2 places.

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I would be interested to know how Switzerland handles multilingualism regarding the app? Are there any issues you run into?

For me, trying to motivate people to use the app here in Luxembourg a recurring issue is that people want to change the language of the species names. Most of the people are fine with using their phones UI in English, but rarely anyone is familiar with species names in English (people usually prefer German or French).

I know that their is a small workaround changing the Names - Place - Prioritize common names used in this place in the setting on the web-page. but this is not very convenient for people only using the app.

I think it is just an issue with the map display here.

The canton is in the iNat database, and any records there if you look at the details link under the map indicate the canton in the list.



I use the iNat website and app in French. I’m mostly interested in the latin names, but I like to know the French names when they exist.

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… if I use the search feature with the geographical location “Lucerne District” it shows an area which is too small. The Canton Lucerne is composed of 5 sub-units: Entlebuch (appears correctly), Willisau (appears correctly), Sursee (appears correctly), Hochdorf (appears correctly) and the Bezirk Luzern (which is what it actually shows). The outline for Bezirk Luzern and for Canton Lucerne should be different! Not sure this is within iNat or Google Maps.

What Canton (District) Luzern should look like

… and what it looks like in iNat at the moment

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workaround: Kanton Luzern statistics can be obtained using