Macro and Telephoto Lenses for Smartphone Cameras

For me, I´ve tried the super cheap clip on ones but found them so clumsy and just too easy to lose. Not really into the clip system as a whole. Ordered an Olloclip which is more like the Ztylus I think insofar as its flush to the body. Maybe that´ll suit me more.

In the mean time, really enjoying just using a 10x loupe with iPhone 6 at the moment. Incredible the detail you can get just with this even, especially given the pricepoint :

Hoping to explore laser pointer hacks too, for another ultra low cost option.

Have also tried using Vellemans phone microscope… The great thing on this one is that the microscope head detaches.

The add-on to attach to a phone is really tough to keep in place though. But still, managed to capture some mm long collembola… and doing that live, on a beach with a phone, is pretty damn exciting, regardless.