Macrolichens of smooth surfaces

I am compiling a list of taxa capable of colonizing smooth surfaces for personal research reasons.

Note that my definition of “smooth” here includes smooth paint/glass/broadleaf angiosperm leaves/plastic/metal but excludes smooth concrete/brick/bark/rock and rough paint/glass/plastic/metal. Concrete/bark and the like are highly porous and have a very rough microtexture even when relatively smooth.

Here is my list so far:

Candelaria concolor
Xanthoria parietina
Polycauliona polycarpa
Diploicia canescens
Physcia adscendens, dubia,
probably others
Parmelia perlata, sulcata
Hyperphyscia adglutinata

At least some Xanthoparmelia spp.

I would greatly appreciate it if anyone would be able to add to said list!


whatever this bad boy is

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On older leaf of European Holly, Ilex aquifolium: (What?) (Evernia prunastri?)

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Physcia millegrana on paint:

I also have photos of Ramalina and Parmotrema on plastic in Emerald Isle, North Carolina, but haven’t shared them as observations yet.

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I suspect your “what” observation is Xanthoria parietina accompanied by Candelaria concolor.

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I suspect these probably count:

Yes, they count.

Update: found this, which mentions one species of Candelariella and several macrolichens being “accidentally” (killed by leaf-fall before reproductively maturing) foliicolous. Not sure whether said macrolichens were growing on smooth or rough leaves though, because it did not mention which tree species they were on, but perhaps one of you might still find it useful.

Hypogymnia physodes and Melanohalea exasperatula on plastic. Fellhanera bouteillei on leaves and plastic. Huge variety of foliicolous lichens which specialize on evergreen angiosperm leaves, many of them also can grow on plastic:
The latter, however, are mostly confined to humid tropics and subtropics.

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Please note that I have deliberately excluded Fellhanera and other specialized small foliicoles because they are not macrolichens.

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