Make captive/cultivated not automatically "no ID needed"

I’m not so concerned about wild vs captive but rather about the only options for observations that can’t be ID’d to sub-family status are Needs ID (when no further IDs are feasible) or Casual (which lumps it with missing meta-data observations).

I’d like an additional Data Quality category called Complete or some such thing. This would be for observations that meet all the DQAs except for can be identified at the species or sub-family/genus levels if everyone agrees. A new Data Quality category would allow observations to be cleared off the Needs ID list but doesn’t consign them to Casual, which might remove them from projects which permit or even seek higher taxonomic level IDs. As with IDs above species level, this would only happen if the community agreed.

To be clear, this Data Quality would still require meeting the Wild DQA so in that sense this request differs from the original request.