Make iNat a Brave Rewards verified content creator

Apologies if this is the wrong section for this suggestion.
Making iNat a verified content creator, would allow those users who use the Brave browser to donate BAT to the site, providing another avenue for us to support the site.
Of course users can already donate, but many may be dissuaded if not sure that iNat will actually plan to claim the donations.

I would do this too.

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I use Brave, and I think BAT and Brave Rewards are interesting, so I got our domain verified to see how much BAT we have earned: 24.59 BAT. Then I asked myself, can we convert that into fiat money we can use to, say, pay for email delivery? Maybe, if and only if we sign up for an Uphold wallet, where we could theoretically sell them at a current price of US$0.19103 / BAT, but we can’t simply exchange them for US dollars.

What else can I do with 24.59 BAT? Right now, the answer seems to be “absolutely nothing.” In the future, it might mean “buy advertising within the BAT ecosystem.” Maybe that will be cool at some point.

The cost of explaining to CalAcademy what BAT are, maybe what crypto is, how that could turn into money that we would actually receive, and getting them to be ok with it, might require spending more value than we would ever earn in BAT.

Long story short, this might be useful to us in the future, but if you want to support us financially right now, simple donations of fiat currency are the way to do it.