Make it easier to find where I last left off reviewing my dashboard material


Each time I return to my computer after being away for a while, there are typically multiple pages of new material in my dashboard (a mix of new observations from people and places and taxa I follow, plus updates on older observations), even though I have selected the setting to show me only explicit disagreements. Before I can start reviewing the new material, it takes me a while to scroll through multiple pages to locate the place in my dashboard where I left off earlier. It would be helpful if there were a way to make it easy to find where I was in my dashboard when I last left it. Perhaps a bookmark function, and a way to jump to that bookmark? Or probably someone can suggest a better method, but this is what I would like to accomplish.



Please consider leaving your experiences and ideas in this topic, which is addressing the whole iNat notifications system:



Will do. Thanks. I was looking for a related thread, before I started this one, but I didn’t find it, because I was using the wrong key words.

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I’m going to close this and we can go off of any recs in the thread @jdmore mentioned.

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