Retrieving identification updates

I accidentally cleared the drop-down of identification updates. I’m talking about the icon between the profile and the messages icon on the upper right of the web page. It showed 54 items (my computer died and it’s been a while since I could check it). But I did something and it reset, showing only the first 15 or so. At the bottom there’s a button to “view your dashboard”, but I can’t see how to retrieve the items to review. I’m concerned that their maybe some (many?) in there I need to correct or respond to. Any way to repopulate the list. And what is that icon called anyway?

It is the notifications icon. This problem of “clearing the list” is one of the reasons the notification system is being re-developed, and as far as I am aware there is no way to re-populate that list. All of the actions that generated the notifications should also show up in your dashboard, but intermingled with all the other stuff that appears there such as taxa and places that you are subscribed to, along with all the new observations from those other iNatters that you are following. It can be a nightmare trying to sift through them all to get the notifications, but can be done if it’s absolutely vital to see them.

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