Make "recent projects" user-specified

Platform(s), such as mobile, website, API, other: website (I don’t use mobile, so not sure if it matters there)

URLs (aka web addresses) of any pages, if relevant: the “community” tab on top of all iNat pages

Description of need:
The “Recent Projects” shortcuts under Community tab do not show anything logical - certainly not the most recent, most recent used, not even most obs added into it. The criteria seems unknown, and forum search shows about every year someone comes here confused and asking.

Previous thread:

I’d like to be able to manually select which projects show here:

Feature request details:
The ability to select which projects each user wants to show in this shortcut would allow everyone to use it how they wish. This would be ideal. We already have a “your projects” tab, so why not have a radio button to click up to say 5 projects to ‘bookmark’ in this shortcut tab, or even 7 like it currently shows.

If that coding is not easily done, some other ideas to more easily find my most used projects:

  1. fix however those shortcut projects are shown to be the most recently added to. This alone should fix things like the 2022 AMS challenge being at the top, when we are well into 2023 and 2022 hasn’t been add to in months! I also could never find the gal week project without going back though my Dm’s for the link, because the search function to projects is spotty at best, and it was slow to show up in my projects, but if it was ‘most recently added to’ projects, gal week would have been up in that shortcut no issue.

Alternate idea to easily find “favourite projects”
2) in our “projects” tab, a way to pin our top few, so they show at the top of the first page without scrolling through such like:

Or ditch the current unhelpful list and go straight to projects tab.
Much better if we could each decide our wanted list.

yeah that’s my alternate idea, but I’d still like to be able to pin to the top my most used projects so I don’t have to scroll through pages to find them :)


I don’t use projects much. But I have, carefully sorted folders of iNat URLs for what I use frequently. Which includes my garden project. For ‘recent projects’ I am often looking for - I know it’s there, but can’t remember how they named it. Scroll scroll scroll … found it!

I would also love to have this feature! I have upwards of 100 projects, and my most active projects are absolutely buried every way I can access my projects. I feel the ability to specify 5-10 “featured projects” that would make them show when I hover over the Manage my Projects button on the project page and place them on the top of the projects management page would be incredible useful.


I want it too.
Of over 20 projects I’m subscribed to or own, only 3-ish are useful day-to-day, let’s say. But visiting the sub-projects makes the whole drop-down list useless until I can get to the important projects the long way around.

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