Show your projects more prominently on the Projects homepage (rather than just featured & recently active/created)

Put a menu or gallery of projects users have joined front & center, with pictures, for when we click on the “Projects” tab itself under “Community” off the dashboard.

So, I’m talking about this page:

Which currently puts featured projects & nearby projects and the like prominently, which is fine, but it is disorienting (I think) particularly to new users to not find the projects they have joined quickly and with the project photo/icon on that page.

I know there is a little tab that says “manage your projects”, with the gear symbol, where they can be found. And that Your Recent Projects shows up in drop down menu when first clicking “Community”.


  1. drop down menus are tricky and non-obvious for many people. Not impossible, but a little buried. especially with small type & where the menu flys away quickly and easily once the cursor is no longer exactly over it
  2. misclicks and assuming their projects should be there already leads to people clicking through to the Projects page when all they want is to find a project they are in…

So why not show that to them clearly & with large font titles & the full project icon, right on the “Projects” page where, intuitively, you’d expect to prominently find projects you’re in?

I’ve never gotten to my projects from the community tab. I always use the link on the home page under my user name, or the drop-down that results from clicking the icon of my profile picture in the top right corner of any page.

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That is true, and a good point. Especially that through your methods, there are already easy-to-explain routes for getting to a user’s joined projects.

I still think it would be nice to add a joined projects gallery to the Projects main page, personally, assuming it didn’t cause too much trouble to do. Mostly based on a few experiences seeing that causing trouble, not for long but enough where I was thinking it could help enough to be worth it.


We won’t be going to forward with this so I’ll close the request.