Make the "What Did You See?" Box on mobile applications more intuitive to click (e.g. highlight it in green)

Platform(s): Mobile Platform

Description of need: I have noticed that the abundance of “Unknown” observations may be attributed to a lack of intuitiveness when it comes to the “What Did You See” box, at least on iPhones. It doesn’t look like something you can actually click on, much less should be clicking on, whether to see what the AI says or to enter your own identification. This may help new users navigate the app more easily as well as avoid potential frustrations when nobody comes and gives an ID to their unknown.

Feature request details: The feature request is to simply highlight the “What Did You See” box in green, or something that indicates that users should be clicking on the box instead of directly hitting “Save” (which is bright green and indicates it should be tapped).

I’m sure on the apps they are developing now there will be a better design to lower the number of unknown observations uploaded. But until then this seems like a great idea. People generally leave it blank because they don’t know they should. Maybe a little pop-out can be added to explain that their observations will get identified faster and they should add an ID


Out of votes, but supporting