Expanded identify functionality in app

It would be great to create something parallel to the Identify tab in app form. It could be part of the existing app but might be better as a standardized app. It could be set up so you can save filters and then page through “cards” of observations to ID. It could have algorithm and species list functionality and could function like that dating app where you “swipe” one way or another if you want to mark something reviewed, captive, agree, etc.
this may be a longer term thing, I realize, but would be nice. Lots of times I can use my phone but not the computer.

As long as you don’t get confused and mark your dates as “wild” :slight_smile:


For a short time a large percentage of my reviews were from the app. Then it got so much easier to identify on the computer and I had so many bugs on the app that I completely stopped. I definitely agree that this should be one of the higher priorities as it is about the easiest way I know of to increase the number of good identifications on the site.


actually… all those times on the train or bus… waiting at the doctors rooms… an app version of needs ID would be awesome!


While there’s only eight official votes, there’s definitely the demand for this. As evidence, I present a string of related feature requests aimed at making it easier to identify from a mobile device: