Making project with only specific observations?

Hello. I recently wanted to make a project using only specific observations of mine. My focus is on a specific habitat location (conservation wetlands), but I cannot possibly find out how to NOT INCLUDE observations of mine closeby that don’t qualify, no matter how many ways I go at this. I have many observations in the area, but I just want certain ones (maybe two dozen or so) to be on the project. Is there a way to make my project so that I can manually select the exact observations to include, and which to not?

Sometimes when I’m posting an observation from the iphone app, certain projects give me the option to include this observation in them or not, and so ideally that was what I was aiming for with this project I’m making.

I already attempted creating my own location for just that section of wetlands, but this got me nowhere, as zero observations showed up in my created location… when there should be dozens…

any help is much appreciated

Thank yopu <3

You need to set up traditional project, link for it is in the next below collectional one.
If you waited for a day and no observations are showing up in your place you need to change observations’ accuracy, if it’s bigger than place borders, they don’t appear for this place.

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thank you for the tip on the “traditional project” thats exactly what I was looking for. The only issue now is after creating the project, I went to add an observation, and a pop-up said “only curators can add observations”. I thought by making the project, I would be the curator. I guess not… Is there a way to fix this? I selected the “only curators can add photos” option when making the project so that I wouldnt get random users adding observations to it.

It’s likely you get the bug that happens in the last couple of days, try creating another project and see if it’s working.

I just tried creating project again, same thing was happening. I have turned off “curators only” so that I can at least start adding observations until I figure out how to make myself the curator of my own project :sweat_smile:

I’ve scrolled up and down the edit project tab, I cant find anywhere to choose a curator

Then you can go the other way, add another user and give them moderator rights, they then will be able to make you a curator back, I can help you with that or you can ask someone you trust.

I just messaged you on the main iNat site ! Thank you!

If this project is only for your observations, as an alternative to projects you can also give each selected observation a tag, and filter by that tag.

That way, I am tracking for example all observations where I am the first observer (on iNat) or those which contributed to a Barcoding Project

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