Many duplicate / redundant / similar fields are added, creating confusion, will impact performance

Platform: website only

Title: many duplicate / redundant / similar fields are added, creating confusing.

Description: when we submit a new observation and choose fields many duplicate or similar looking fields are seen creating confusion.

e.g. when I enter ‘nectar’ in field it shows 10 fields:

01 Nectaring
02 Nectar Plant
03 Robbing Nectar
04 Nectar
05 Nectar Species
06 Nectar Plant
07 Nectar / Pollen delivering plant
08 Pollinating or Nectar Robbing?
09 Plant used for nectaring
10 Butterfly nectar plant

Duplicate/confusing fields :
Nectar plant, Nectar / Pollen delivering plant, Plant used for nectaring, Butterfly nectar plant
Robbing Nectar, Pollinating or Nectar Robbing?


  1. proceed to submit a picture
  2. click on ‘Fields’
  3. enter ‘nectar’
  4. observe that 10 fields are shown. few are duplicates, few are redundant. Its creating confusion.
    Observe that ‘Nectar plant’ is exactly twice, how come?

We must keep only unique fields and keep a tool tip for every field. In the long run in many fields will downgrade the performance.

e.g. ‘Butterfly Nectar Plant’ : if we create such fields, then every insect, bird, animal taking nectar will need a separate field right ? We should control and reduce such fields.


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