Many observations are simultaneously Captive & eligible for Research Grade

One has disappeared since your post.

At some point I found an observation with the opposite problem - it was casual for no obvious reason (it had one ID and meet all the Research Grade criteria). I agreed with the ID and it went from casual to RG. I’m mentioning it in case it helps find the cause.

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Here is the list in case they get fixed:

These 4 are all the same use, one vote for captive from the observer, uploaded from iPhone app.

All are casual now.

Yeah generally if a bug report is contingent on the observation not changing, it’s probably better to email it directly to


When I remove the “Southern Africa” filter I still see 181 observations with this issue. And it must not be a legacy thing because some were created as recently as today.

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Probably an indexing glitch, since it looks like the quality grade changes once you perform any action (like faving) that causes the observation to be re-indexed. We’ll take a look.


I expanded the bug report to include Needs ID observations: (currently 2,759)

These have been reindexed, I’m seeing 0 observations at I’m going to close this bug report but if anyone can provide consistent reproduction conditions for this bug, please make a new one.


@tiwane your link shows some observations now.

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Thanks, I’ll take a look.
Am i missing some part of the rules? How can Researchgrade observations at the same time be marked as cultivated?
Only if i add a second cultivated vote they turn Hobbygrade.

It’s the problem with reindexing, marking it again will work.

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What reindexing? Is this related to the recent major outage, i think i remember reading something about reindexing there? If so i wouldnt consider it a job for the community to manually click through >1000 observations. This is a problem of iNats internal workings and should be moved to bug reports then.

It happened before and likely will happen later.
Maybe @tiwane could help to automatically do that for all of them.

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I’ve reindexed all these observations. The results at the URL posted may be cached for a little bit, and when that expires it should should no results (you can modify the search by adding a date param to confirm in the mean time). It’s likely there is some action that is not properly setting quality grade or reindexing observations afterward, so we can look into tracking that down. Thanks for the report.


(merged some posts from a duplicate topic

Those should be reindexed aswell, they cant be both at the same time (255 results again):
They dont show the “Hobbyquality” banner in the search results, only if you open a observation

I have read research papers on studies of cultivated plants. Maybe it’s a new feature.