Map locations off

I have noticed that the map locations are off a bit. I upload my photo, click on satelite or map and click where I have seen the plant I have observed. Yet when I go back the point is off, often by a quarter of a mile. Whats up with that? Should I use the Map or the satellite or is neither really spot on? Thanks

Can you screenshot the map for an observation you have just uploaded (before any correction) and then mark with a red cross or something like it at the place where you actually saw it?

Keep in mind that GPS is for where the “camera” is located, not where the camera is looking at. If you are photographing birds or trees, this might well be up to a 1/4 mile out. Also, it depends on the GPS accuracy for the the device you are using (can be up to +/- 20m), as well as things like lack of signals from satellites while under tree canopies etc. I even had a situation in a glass house (signal deflection) where it put my pin some 3km away!

Is your location obscured? If so, the pin will be anywhere within the quarter-degree square of the actual coords.

thanks, I try to go to the very closest area of the map or sat image before setting the pin

@mazer it would be helpful to know if you are using iOS, Android, or the website, and please include any screenshots. I will say I’ve seen this in iOS. Possibly has to do with any tilt that Apple Maps might be using.

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