Map "plant flower buds" Observation field onto "Flower budding" Annotations

I suppose this is somewhere between a bug report and a feature request.

I’ve noticed that the “plant flower buds” Observation field doesn’t get grabbed as “Flower budding” in Annotations.

@tiwane is that easy to do?

Most of the other flowering observations fields I use all automatically map across to Annotations, which is super useful.

I set up “plant flower buds” along with other plant flowering phenology fields well before Annotations existed. We’ve got lots of observations tagged with it and we still use it in our New Zealand plant phenology recording.

I don’t make this change myself, but when I’ve asked our developers to do this in the past, they like to add more than one at a time while they’re at it. Any others?

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Thanks @tiwane,

I had a closer look and here are three more:
Plant phenology->most common flowering/fruiting reproductive stage=“vegetative only” maps to Annotations Plant Phenology=“No evidence of flowering”
Plant phenology->most common flowering/fruiting reproductive stage=“flower buds” maps to Annotations Plant Phenology=“Flower budding”
Plant mature fruit/seeds=“Yes” maps to Annotations Plant Phenology=“Fruiting”

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This is likely a little different but, if it’s not, I’d also love for Is it wild?=“Planted” and Is it wild?=“Captive” and Is it wild?=“Domesticated” to all map to Captive/Cultivated.

That way I wouldn’t have to manually tick individual observations as Captive/Cultivated on the Uploader when I batch add a bunch of annotated photos.

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This might be related…
I’m trying to figure out which fields for insect life stages map to annotations. For complete metamorphosis I use “Life” and for incomplete I haven’t found one that works. There are so many that are similarly named that once I figure it out, I lose them in the “recents” because I love fields!

(It would be helpful to know which fields map to any of the annotations. I know “Sex” does, but I haven’t tried to find “Alive or Dead”.)

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