Plant phenology annotations

Hi there. I don’t know if this was already asked before, but I have a question about annotations.
Is the ‘‘flower budding’’ annotation for whatever plant that has at least one flower bud, or it is exclusive to plants that only have flower buds without open flowers?

Any answer will be appreciated, thanks for taking your time to answer my questions.


this one :)


I don’t quite understand the question. Are you talking about photos with multiple plants in various stages?

No. I’m asking if plants that are flowering but with at least one flower bud can be also annotated as ‘‘flower budding’’.

Yep, you can make multiple annotations - there are plenty of observations with all three - budding, flowering, and fruiting - marked.

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Waiting patiently for iNat to enable annotating individual photos.
As it is, if you ask iNat for photos of ‘that plant’ showing flower budding - you will get a few pictures that are useful and many - the other photo shows the buds.


Thank you all for your opinions!

To piggyback on this topic without having to open another (sorry elpatitojuan2!) … I’m confused about how to label Cornus species (and perhaps others like it). If the bracts are open, but the flowers not, do you label it as flower budding? Or is it flowering?
And if the bracts are closed, is it still flower budding? or nothing at all?

I started marking these thinking that the bracts being open meant it was flowering, and then I saw someone else handle it differently, and now I’m not sure what to do except ignore them entirely. But I think it’s really helpful to have a good selection of budding, blooming and fruiting plants when learning a species.


Hmmm, maybe if the bracts are open but the flowers aren’t, I think it’ll still be flower budding, since the bracts are just modified leaves and the real flower bud is closed.

And if the bracts are closed I think it is still flower budding, because the other option is ‘‘no evidence of flowering’’, and with at least the bracts you definitely have evidence of flowering already.

This is just my opinion, hopefully someone else will clarify this topic.

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