Plant Phenology Annotation for Tree Leaf-Out/Breaking-Buds?


Is there a standard way to record an observation of a tree leafing-out? I live in central Vermont and have seen a couple of tree buds starting to leaf-out this past week (beginning of February).


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No, there’s not, try using fields, they have everything.

Specifically there is Leaf Phenology. I think there was some discussion about making an annotation. If an annotation was made in future it’d be likely to be applied to any observations which have an observation field set.

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Thanks for letting me know about Leaf Phenology.

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Just to add, you can search observation fields:

(I’ve no idea how to find that page on the website without starting out on an existing observation filed) and there is a Observation Field Standardization - wiki too (which I added this field to earlier today).

Thanks - I was going to try to find a list of observation fields - but you saved me from what could have been a lengthly search. Very helpful!

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