March Mammal Madness 2020

March Mammal Madness 2020

Every year since 2013 Arizona State University professor Katie Hinde and a panoply of other wildlife scientist have organized the greatest alternative to the comparably boring March Madness Basketball season - March Mammal Madness.

Check out their annoucement video here

This bracket based competition puts your favorite (or least favorite) critters into a hypothetical confrentation where only one competitor can come out on top (unless you are the tardegrade from the 2018 MMM). Following a similar competitive system as it’s more anthropogenic counterpart, competing species are anounced in divisions and given seeds based on thier natural abilities.

Below is the 2020 calendar of events taken from the MMM 2020 website linked above:

This is my favorite thing to use in my museum office to get people involved in learning more about our planets inhabitants. I will try to follow up will the bracket, once it is released, and see who you all think will win.


I use MMM with my high school students! Lots of fun and a great way to learn!

Looks interesting!

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