Markdown lists are not rendering on taxon flag pages despite previews displaying correctly

Platform: Website

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Browser, if a website issue: Problem evident in both Firefox and Chrome.

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Here is how the list renders (not as a numbered list) on the flag page:


Here is the preview rendering, correctly displaying a numbered list:

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Using a markdown list on a taxon flag comment like this:

1. thing
2. another thing
3. one more thing

Should output a list like:

  1. thing
  2. another thing
  3. one more thing

And the preview shows that it should be rendering that way. But when the comment is saved and displayed, the numbering is lost; it is not even an unordered list, but just as a single paragraph with each entry separated by a line break <br>.

another thing
one more thing

If the feature isn’t supported, the preview shouldn’t display that way. Although I would expect lists to be supported, since reasoning or citations are things one would commonly enumerate.

there’s an existing bug report for this here

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Ah, thanks. I was searching for markdown lists. The Discourse search function wasn’t turning up any results.

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