Mentioning etiquette

When you want to mention someone in an observation to have them look at it, what is the most polite way to do it? I feel like sometimes I write out long-winded paragraphs explaining why I mentioned them. But I also feel like just mentioning them with no context is rude.

Am I just overthinking this?


I just tag them and say please and thank you. That’s it, simple. If they respond they respond, if they dont they dont. I don’t think you are obligated to give a reason why.


i think it just depends on the situation and the person you’re mentioning. i don’t think there’s ever anything wrong with adding a brief explanation of what you’re asking for and why, though i would keep it short, if possible.


Basically this.

Also, make sure you’re not @-ing the same people too often. Even a please and a thank you wears thin after the 200th time :)


It’s nice to say something, but ‘would you mind taking a look?’ is usually enough to ensure politeness :)


I usually just @ them and ask “thoughts?” or something similar, but we are all also familiar enough with each other to know each others specialties so I guess it depends

99% my identifications are of a certain group of animals in a more or less constrained region of the world. If someone tags me in observation of my “target animal” in the area I know, then I know what they want from me even if they don’t add anything. And for me personally, a mention itself is nice thing as it shows that someone appreciate my work. I don’t expect anything else added, and thanking if I have helped.


Unless you tag 10 people at once on 20 observations everything else is fine, just tag or tag with little message.

I’ll try this. Thanks!

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I was simply using

but now use
@mention help please?

(First off the pictures must be clear, with info for an ID - rude to ask a specialist to decipher A Stone or the Blue Stuff) And not too often. I so much enjoy the unfolding conversation around a good mystery, as the chain of relevant @mentions unscrolls (also for my future reference - who responds, who can answer this one??)

Do ask one person. Wait for a response. Then ask the next - rather than tagging in a string of very busy people who are overwhelmed with notifications.


It seems like the experts/curators/pros will know that just @xxx is a need for their expertise and probably just an ID. That’s why we’re all here, right? If it is something beyond an id, I will comment. When I get an explanation or comment from the expert/curator/pro, I always thank and acknowledge. I feel that they are going out of their way and am truly grateful.

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