Merging duplicate photos of multiple species

I’m looking for a way to add the same picture showing two species together to two already existing observations for the individual species. The goal is to have both species associated with that photo when you click the info button for the picture. However, I ended up with two copies of the photo, one associated with species A and the other associated with species B:

Is there way to merge these or associate additional species with a particular photo without having to go through the process of starting over via duplicating the observation?

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No, other than using observation fields, but what’s the problem with duplicating?

If you use the “Duplicate” button in the top right corner of an observation, the photo will be linked to both observations rather than uploaded separately.


(As far as I know there isn’t any way to link the two if you’ve already created the second observation separately.)


I know I could duplicate one of the observations and add the other species photo again, but since the original pictures were from a series of Flickr imports I did last year it’ll probably take me a while to find them again among the 8,500+ pictures I have on there. I was hoping there is an easier way. In this case, I just didn’t find the picture showing both species until I dug back into my image archives, so it wasn’t the one I started with. (Also would mean temporarily losing research grade on one of the observations.)

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