Merry Gerald Day (2024)

I find that observation to be hilarious…it is an excellent piece of website lore


I accidentally pressed on Gerald while looking through my notifications! Now, my over 200 notifications are gone forever. Gerald and his lag have struck again!

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I think we should all take note of the importance of Gerald; especially regarding the prevalent reluctance to ID. This thread began with:

and from a previous thread,

Gerald stands as an object lesson: despite the enormous numbers of IDs contributed, we still aren’t 100% certain that it is a muskrat. This should offer some perspective for those who don’t want to identify unless they are certain. You will never see p=0.

  1. There once was a muskrat named Gerald
  2. Who by many false IDs was imperiled
  3. Groundhog and Wasp are just two of these cases
  4. But luckily people came clutch in these cases
  5. They saved oh Gerald so special and full of power
  6. They certainly came at just the right hour
  7. They commented, commented and commented some more
  8. Oh I bet it will reach 2,000+ and more
  9. Dear Gerald forever
  10. Please don’t forget to endeavor
  11. To computers the power that you behold
  12. Single-handedly you can one down in ten minutes
  13. Oh imagine if we gave you ten more
  14. For if we did I’m sure you would break them

14 full lines, one perfect sonnet.


Just for giggles, I went to the profile of Gerald’s observer. They have a total of 31 observations, all uploaded within one month. All but one are either casual or research grade – and the one that is still at needs ID is also developing an unusually long string of conflicting IDs and comments: