Messaging/emailing all members of a group at once

I manage a small group (only 13 members at this time). It would be nice to be able to message all of them with a single message. It would be as simple as reminding people to try to check everyone else’s observations.
Rich Wolfert
Savannah, GA, USA

Wouldn’t a Project journal post show up in all the member notifications?

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There’s definitely an existing Feature Request for this. I’ll look for it…

Only if you check the box for news/updates when you sign up I think

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Ah, ok.

Yes, but not all members access the journal. Some have enough problems with technical things (phones/computers). Some sort of direct message would reach everyone.

I’m interesting in something like this too. Only 18 project members and I don’t think any of them saw my journal post.

Here is a relevant Feature Request


Thank you trh_blue. Didn’t know about that. Still learning my way around.

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