Microflowers (Micromagnoliophyta) Project

What low-growing/groundcover plants can you think of with flowers under 1 cm in diameter and overall plant height under 6 inches? It’s for a new project. Here is what I have so far:


Also, what do you think should be the height cutoff for the plant? The purpose of the project is to draw attention to tiny, oft-overlooked wildflowers such as chickweed etc.


Cardamine hirsuta?

It’s a Myosotis, probably arvensis or ramosissima. It depends on the fruiting pedicel:calyx ratio and if calyx at fructification is opened or closed.
PS: actually these are pretty large, if you want a real micro-one try with Galium murale

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what exactly do you mean by flower? does it have to have petals?
edit: and what about composite flowers whose individual flowers are tiny?
edit 2: and I guess you don’t intend to include grasses?

Was going to name a few but you have most of the ones I was going to suggest already in the project, so how about Colombian Waxweed?

The photo is just an example. I meant what species can you think of in general?

Yes, it has to have petals, and in this case composites would count as one flower. Undecided on grasses, but because they get pretty big.

I will add Galium murale!

Seems like most myosotis flowers are pretty small…

I have added several of them, but I’m not sure if all species are small-flowered. Do you know?

I am pretty sure most of them are 1 cm or less in diameter, but not positive.

in that case –
many Medicago species, Polygonum aviculare / arenastrum / equisetiformes, Prunella vulgaris, Sagina procumbens, Cardamine hirsuta / flexuosa, Polycarpon tetraphyllum, Mollugo verticillata, Anchusa aggregata, Phyla nodiflora, Lotus corniculatus / pedunculatus, Sherardia arvensis, Draba verna.
Of course you don’t have to include them all, but I’ve observed most of these.


A lot of species can be small or not as small depending on conditions.

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Opening iNat page with list for a region will be more helpful, with current number of plants listing all with small flowers seems like a way to never get to your goal (people will never name them all), plus your measurements (15sm and 1sm flower diameter) fit tons of species.

I believe most herbaceus Rubiaceae fit. I’ve been observing Spermacoce and it’s rare to take good pics (80% are out of focus!) so…

some of mine :)

Oh and Phyla. Phyla nodiflora. That’s a good one to start.

And some Fabaceae such as these:

Tiny Malvaceae:


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I’m okay with it being a perpetual work-in-progress. But having lists for different regions is also a good idea!

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Could people add species/or suggestions? Or make it an umbrella project? some ideas :)

I think Sedum sexangulare and Sedum sarmentosum would be good for your project. (https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/47771220)Stringy Stonecrop (https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/51824880)

and about lianas that have small flowers but the height depends on the support plant?