Misidentified photo is default for a species, but only link is to Flickr

I go to the Cirsium brevistylum page, and the banner photo at the top is not C. brevistylum. I click on the photo to go to the observation to correct it, but there is no link to the observation, but only a link to a Flicker site. I don’t know how to correct it.

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All users can change the photos associated with a taxon page. On the page, click the curation dropdown towards the lower right and select edit photos. Remove any applicable one you want removed. You can then select any new photo by dragging over from the left, where you can filter by all iNat records, iNat research grade photos, Flickr and Wikimedia Commons. EoL is still in the list, but it rarely if ever works after they changed their site.

I replaced the prior one with what I thought was a representative picture from an iNat research grade record, but if you are unhappy with the choice, you can try the above.


I went back to the Cirsium brevistylum page, and see that someone else already removed the mis-identified photo that was shown as the banner photo for the species page, and now see a good C. brevistylum photo as the banner photo for that page.

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@cmcheatle It seems I hadn’t read your whole message before going to the site and seeing there was a properly identified photo as the page’s banner photo, not reading that you had already changed it. So thank you!

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