How do we change a wrong photo showing the whole Species?

There is a wrong determinated photo on Nematus latipes.
I thought this would change, if I changed the species-name on the record, but no ??

This shot doesn´t show a N. latipes - but a Nematus umbratus, instead.
Would someone with technically insight change this?

Thank you

Best regards - Kjeld - DK

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I would look under “curation” (above the map, on the right) and flag the problem. Explain it. A curator then may fix it.

In most cases, iNat users can fix problems with taxon photos themselves (you don’t need to be a curator). From iNat’s online help:

  1. The taxon photo is wrong. How does this get fixed?

If you notice a bad taxon photo, you can fix it yourself in most cases. Navigate to the taxon page and click “Curation,” then “Edit Photos” on the right side of the page. Use the window that pops up to delete/add photos. If the taxon has locked photos, click “Curation”, then “Flag for curation” and leave a message describing the issue.


It seems like N. latipes is a fairly rare species? If you can find the observation from which the incorrect photo(s) are drawn and you have not already done so, you may want to make a proper identification on there as well, kindly noting you have adjusted the taxon photos to reflect only for N. latipes for comparison.

(I have one observation that was later used as the taxon photo; if it later disappeared because it was incorrect I would appreciate that.)

It seems that none of the top photos were associated with an observation even though it says the source was iNat; the next one down was IDed only as Symphyta. I removed those from the photo list which leaves one from Flickr, but I don’t know if that one is correctly IDed either.

If there is one, I would prefer a Research Grade iNat obs over Flickr (where the ‘ID’ is doubtful)

Thank you so, all for the help. It is now fixed … via help (y)

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