Illustration of species wrong?

I’m new here and I don’t know if this is the correct forum.

The illustration for Amanita virosa that is used by iNat looks wrong to me (guessing it’s Amanita citrina):

It apparently came from
where the author writes “Probably Amanita virosa (“destroying angel”).”

What should my next step be now? It’s not ideal if the photo representing a species in the worst case may be wrong, and in the best case is atypical for the species.


You can change the pic by yourself, click on the “curation “ button and choose edit photos there, then you can delete or rearrange taxon pics.


welcome to the forum :)

as @marina_gorbunova said, you can change any photos yourself by using this button

If you encounter similar cases in future and aren’t confident making the change yourself, or believe any general change should be made to a taxon (e.g. delete or add a common name), best practice is to click ‘Flag for curation’ (same dropdown in the image above) and add a flag.


Thanks for the help!
I opted for flagging it for now.


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