Link to Wikipedia article on taxon page in Android app

This is a pretty quick / easy request.
After we’ve clicked on a species etc to learn more, we’re show the first few lines of the Wikipedia article for that species (etc). Could you please provide a hyperlink to allow us to directly visit the full Wikipedia page? At the moment, if we want to read the entire article, we have to manually search Google/Wikipedia again for the species. It’s a 3-4 step process where it would only be a 1 step process if the url hyperlink to the proper Wikipedia page were provided.

Thank you

Instead of manually searching the article you could click on “More Info on” and use the Wikipedia link available the species page. Its not a 1 step solution but a 2-3 step method :-)


Yes, the link to iNat (scroll to the bottom of the screen when you’re on the taxon screen in Android) will take you to the Wikipedia article on iNat. Not as well formatted for mobile, granted, but the entire article should be there.

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