Missing species on profile page

Website, Google Chrome:

My life list, accessed via profile page, doesn’t show all species, e.g.

Droseras life list:

My drosera observations

I’d recommend doing a search on the forum for this issue, it is well documented that lists are very buggy and will not stay in synch.

You can try and force it back into synch. There is a tools dropdown near the page top. Run the 2 jobs there in reverse order (ie run the bottom one first then the top one).

No guarantee it will work, nor if it does for how long it will stay in synch, but that is the available fix.

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Life lists were redesigned after this bug report was made. You can view Drosera spp. on your life list here: https://www.inaturalist.org/lifelists/fero?view=tree&tree_mode=full_taxonomy&taxon_id=51935